Painting for me, is an expression of being positive, of love and energy.

As an object art has no limitations to it’s style or beauty. Any moment, feeling or action can be created through the medium of canvas, paper or tile.

I knew I had a gift when I was 13 years old as you can see from my black and white tiger I drew for a school assignment.

In the art world a common phrase that is repeated is “knowing how to paint” and  as a SELF taught artist, the phrase for me simply means whether you have it or you don’t.

The creative energy, that spills itself onto the canvas manifest through the creation of  love and joy. I visualise what a person wants. I see and feel things before they are painted. Colour to me is the best expression of feeling that anyone can see.

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 1999 and painting allows me to show the beauty of expression. Everyone who sees or discusses my art needs to understand, that I do this to show how much I love to create and how I feel.